20 European Statements

This is the list of statements that were used by all our partners to find out the position of national Political Parties on European issues. Each VoteMatch includes among 15 to 20 of them, to make sure that comparison clear on all the countries.

Data Protection
There should be a stronger common EU law on data protection.
Minimum Wage
The EU should promote the introduction of a minimum wage linked to the average salary in each member state.
Legislative Initiative
The European Parliament should have the power to introducelaws without asking the European Commission.
CO2 Emissions
The EU should set stricter targets for CO2 reduction.
Nuclear Power
EU member states should not be allowed to subsidise nuclear power.
Genetically-modified Crops
Growing genetically-modified crops should be allowed throughout the European Union.
Import Taxes
Import taxes on agricultural products from developing countries should be lowered.
Direct Election of the Commission President
European citizens should directly elect the President of the European Commission.
Minimum Rate for Corporate Taxes
A minimum corporation tax rate should be introduced throughout the EU.
Internal Financial Assistance
There should be less financial assistance to poorer regions within the EU.
EU Enlargement
The European Union should not accept any new member states.
Financial Transaction Tax
The EU should introduce a tax on financial transactions.
European Army
EU member states should create a European army.
Dismissal of Commissioners
The European Parliament should be able to sack individual commissioners.
EU Foreign Policy
More foreign policy areas should be agreed at an EU level.
EU Development Aid
The EU should increase the amount of money it spends on foreign aid.
There should be Eurobonds, whereby all Eurozone countries can be guarantors when one of them takes out a loan.
Same-sex Marriages
Member states must recognise same-sex marriages conducted in other EU countries.
Asylum Laws
The rules for accommodating asylum-seekers should be the same in every EU country.
European Taxes
The EU should be able to raise European taxes to replace member states contributions.


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