What party in the EU is your best match?

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What is VoteMatch?

VoteMatch Europe allows you to compare your political opinions with parties in all EU countries. The Voting Aid Application (VAA) asks for your opinion on different policy issues and shows you which parties best match with your views at the national level, as well as in all other EU countries.

Who are we?

This is the third edition of VoteMatch Europe The first Votematch Europe was made for the EU elections in 2014. VoteMatch Europe 2024 is made by the following partners.

How does it work?

First you need to fill out your own national VAA and get the results for your own country. All the national VAAs share a set of common statements that they put forward to political parties. At least 15 of these statements are in each national VAA. When you get the result for your national VAA, you can follow a link to the European VoteMatch website and see your match with parties in all other EU countries, ranked from highest to lowest. You can also get more information about parties and the groups they are affiliated with in the European Parliament.